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Tools for Tidying Up Your Workspace

Transform Your Workspace

Tidying Up Can Make The Difference

What is Tidying Up?

     "Tidying up" is a phrase coined by Japanese organizing expert Marie Kondo. Her highly effective KonMari organizing method is based on this simple but powerful idea: Reduce your belongings and love what you invite into your space.

     Increase productivity, focus and ease of use with some simple Tools for Tidying Up. All workspaces benefit from proper organization. If you're running a business, this method of organizing is a great way to boost productivity and optimize storage. Reducing small frustrations and poor organization does wonders for concentration and morale. This in turn opens the door to more elusive things like creativity and camaraderie.

You deserve a joyful place to do the work you love. Choose from Paper & Pen's line of simple, user-friendly organizing tools to make tidying up easy.

Let's get started!

KonMari Method organizing for desk drawer clutter with boxes 

     Segment your drawers to keep contents accessible at a glance. Vary segment sizes to accommodate a range of items.

      • Use Desktop Organizers inside drawers for intermittently used items like paperclips. Take them out while in use, then return them to the drawer.
      Shinto Lantern Canister Used as Desktop Organizer for Pens and Pencils
      Small Lanterns and Quirky Matchboxes Make Creative Desk Organizers

             Marie Kondo encourages you to purge most loose papers, but this can be difficult in a work environment. Do your best to regularly discard non-essential papers and digitize when possible.

          • Label each group of papers so you can see the contents without opening. Paper bookmarks and decorative sticky notes work great for this because they are beautiful and removable.
          • Use sleeves for important documents to protect them from damage.
          • When you need to store a large group of loose papers, segment each section with Tab-Top Sticky Notes or Wire Clips.
          Tab Top Sticky Notes for Organizing Papers
          Tab Top Sticky Notes and Wire Clips label and group loose papers

               Photographs and mementos help make your space warm and full of life, but they can easily become desktop clutter. Choose only one or two favorites and use displays that allow them to be switched out as you make new memories.

          • Use swivel-back picture frames to easily swap out photos as you make new memories.
          • If you have real commitment issues, try a Photo Ladder for an easy and visually minimal display. These are a brilliant way to hang your kids latest masterpieces!
          • Choose small, stable standing picture frames for placement toward the back corners of your desk.
          Small Green Standing Bird Picture FrameRustic Weathered Coin Standing PIcture Frame
          Bring your desk to life with photos and mementos in Small Standing Frames

          If You Follow One Rule for Organization, Make It This:

               Every object in your space must have a home. Its home must be a place to return when not in use that is a comfortable fit and easy to find. If something is constantly being shuffled around, it literally does not have a place in your space. Let the purpose of your space dictate what fills it, not the other way around.

          Change the space around you and other changes will follow.

          Your workspace is the perfect place to begin!